Falling for Grace

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First-time writer/director Fay Ann Lee “brings a fresh twist” (Premiere Magazine) to the classic Cinderella story in this “sprightly Chinatown romantic comedy.” (New York Magazine) 

Grace Tang (Fay Ann Lee) is an ambitious banker from New York’s Chinatown, who aspires to join the elite social circles of the Upper East Side. At an important soiree, she is mistaken as an heiress from Hong Kong, and introduced to the city’s most eligible bachelor (Gale Harold). Their meeting sets Grace on a whirlwind ride of romance and while lies, revealing the greed and pressures of Wall Street and the human side of Chinatown.

Featuring a delightful ensemble cast – with “winning performances from Lee, Ken Leung, and a scene-stealing Margaret Cho” (The Huffington Post) – Falling for Grace has charmed audiences around the world with its authenticity and universal blend of humor, romance, heartbreak and forgiveness. New York Magazine selected Falling for Grace as one of the top two films amongst the 26 competing at Tribeca Film Festival's New York, New York competition.

Falling for Grace premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was licensed for television by Starz. More details at fallingforgrace.com