Speaking Engagements

“From Dream to Screen” College Tour
It all started from half way around the world in Beijing, China when Tsinghua University, the Harvard of China, invited Fay Ann Lee to bring Falling for Grace to 250 select students who are part of a year long Intercultural Communications course. The aim was to help students interested in furthering their education out west develop critical understanding of cultural issues in a multi-cultural society. The experience was profound as both Fay and the Chinese students, by the end of the visit, realized that understanding and accepting different cultures is no longer a luxury but a requirement in this shrinking cyberspace universe of ours. The program was a resounding success which caught the attention of Michael Schmale, President of the Yale Film Society, which led to an invitation to speak at Yale. This is what Mr. Schmale had to say about Fay Ann Lee:
“To label Ms. Lee as an independent filmmaker is misleading. She does not fit the mold of the starving artist, instead thriving as an ambitious, Wharton-educated entrepreneur whose unorthodox approach to independent film making – one that has yielded a product with all the gloss of a big studio flick – affords a rare angle on the harsh world of Hollywood and what it means to pursue your goals on your own terms.

On the one hand, Ms. Lee and her film exude a comforting sense of optimism and good humor; on the other hand, they speak to the importance of grit, pragmatism, and hard-nosed determination. The balance of these values is, essentially, what recommends Ms. Lee as a valuable guest.”
Gaining Popularity on the College Circuit
Since speaking at Yale, Fay has captured the attention of college students around the country, receiving dozens of requests from schools like Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Wharton, Columbia, Temple, Boston University, Arizona State, UMass at Amherst and many more. It is no accident why Fay has become so popular on the college circuit. Not only does Fay talk about following one’s passion but what it takes to achieve a goal that’s seemingly unrealistic. Her inspiring journey resonates with anyone who has big dreams, strong will and the discipline to follow through.
As a testament to Fay’s ability to inspire, Harvard has invited Fay Ann Lee to be a distinguished guest speaker at the Harvard Summit for Young Leaders (in Beijing china, summer of 2010). Other speakers in the past have included John Thornton, former President of Goldman Sachs, Nancy Barry, former President of Women’s World Banking and Lawrence Summers, former President of Harvard University. The goal of the summit is to foster strong relations between young scholars and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and China.
To request Fay Ann Lee as a speaker, please contact:
Sarah Elmaleh