Wow! What A Ride!

April 7, 2010
“Would someone like him ever go out with someone like me?”

This was the underlying question that propelled my crazy ride with Falling For Grace.
The “him” was John F. Kennedy, Jr. and the me, was, well, a simple girl from New York Chinatown. In the late 1990s, while I was in search of a boy meets girl story to pen for my first screenplay, I kept randomly running into our American Prince – every where I went – the bank, crossing the street, a famous NY cafe and even on a specific tennis court in mid town NY where I hung out a lot. The inside joke with my friends was that I wasn’t sure who was stalking whom, but I took this as a sign from the writing Gods – that there had to be some kind of a classic romantic comedy plot here!

Thus the birth of Grace and Andrew, and what I had hoped as one of the very first all-American rom coms with an Asian American female protagonist. It’s been over a decade since the idea flickered in my brain, but by putting one foot ahead of the other, I somehow got it done. The result — ONE OF THE VERY FIRST ROM COMS WITH AN ASIAN AMERICAN PROTAGONIST. The journey has been spectacular – like the most thrilling roller coaster ride of a lifetime. As many have suggested, including famed P.R. guru, Kenny Sunshine – I should’ve turned the making of Grace into a reality show. Here’s just a taste of my decade long voyage: The Ride of A Lifetime!

If there is one thing I know for sure, it is this:
“You can bend the rules plenty once you get to the top, but not while you’re trying to get there. And if you’re someone like me, you can’t get there without bending the rules.” Tess McGill (Working Girl).

Stay tuned for more bending…